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3 weeks ago

Closing date:

30 April 2024

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Position : Third Engineer
Contract Type : Full Time / Permanent
Starting Salary : £43,000 - £47,000 (with experience)
Benefits : Pension scheme, sick pay coverage – 6 mths full pay & 6 months half pay after

probationary period, allowance, training sponsorship

Closing Date : 30 April 2024

The Company

Global Marine has been installing subsea cable across the globe for over 170 years, installing in excess of 300,000km, enough to circumnavigate the globe seven and a half times.

We provide our customers with an experienced team of engineers to plan and design solutions, effectively manage entire projects together with clients, and executing scopes of work supported by our highly capable assets which have an extensive track record in offshore installation.

The Job Description

The Third Engineer may be employed on watch keeping or day work duties at the discretion of the Chief Engineer.  The Third Engineer shall be accountable to and report through the Second Engineer and shall undertake duties as allocated or directed by the Second Engineer and to carry out duties depending on ship manning/operational requirements.

Main Responsibilities

  • Be responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the machinery and equipment for which he has been allocated responsibility.
  • Diligently carry out, in a safe and efficient manner, any task to which a Senior Engineering Officer has directed him.
  • Be familiar with the machinery and system so that, in an emergency situation, essential services can be safely and speedily restored.  The Third Engineer must fully understand, and abide by, Company policies, work permits, procedures and instructions, and the Code of Safe Working Practices.
  • Assist with overhaul, maintenance and survey work as directed by a Senior Officer.
  • Ensure that any information he enters in the engine room log, maintenance records, oil record book, water condition logs and other records, shall be accurate.
  • Notify the Second Engineer of spare gear and consumable requirements as applicable.
  • Keep the Second Engineer fully informed as to the progress of any work, which he has undertaken, any defects or problems arising in his allocated area of responsibility.
  • Comply with Company and statutory engineering watch keeping guidelines.
  • Be prepared to adopt other duties within remit of multi-skilling objectives as agreed and advised prior to appointment.

Certification Requirements:

  • ENG1 medical or equivalent
  • US C1D visa (if available)
  • Valid passport
  • Fully vaccinated (COVID)
  • Discharge book 
  • EOOW CoC unlimited (UK CoC/CeC)
  • Valid STCW training

Personal Requirements

  • The role requires you to be flexible, able to work under pressure 
  • Able to communicate well and having social skills 
  • Independent, responsible and able to take initiative
  • Planning and managing activities and resources efficiently and effectively to achieve goals
  • Willingness to work on-board a sea-going cable ship on rotation.

To apply for this job, please send your cover letter & CV to : 

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Global Marine seeks a Third Engineer

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