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Port of Workington


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25 May 2024

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Job Title: Full-time Marine Pilot
Location: Port of Workington, Cumbria, England, CA14 2JH

The Port of Workington, a bustling municipal port nestled at the mouth of the river Derwent, caters to coastal trading vessels of up to 140m in length, managing a diverse array of dry cargoes. Situated at the entrance of the picturesque Solway Firth estuary, the town of Workington enjoys proximity to the enchanting Lake District National Park.

In this role, for the successful candidate, there will be a full-time position, tasked with overseeing approximately 250 vessels annually, with the potential for increased workload later in the year. Responsibilities include conducting numerous pilotage acts monthly, supported by a newly authorised part-time pilot to cover holidays and sickness. Initial training will focus on Class 2 pilotage, progressing to Class 1 upon gaining sufficient experience.

Essential Requirements:

  • Possession of an MCA Certificate of Competency (Deck) or equivalent. 
  • Proficiency in navigation and strong situational awareness.
  • Ability to adapt quickly, including readiness to work on short notice.
  • Capacity to lead within a small navigational bridge team.
  • Relevant experience within the Port Industry, Merchant Navy, or Royal Navy.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and fluency in English language communication.

Desirable Skills/Experience:

  • Expertise in Bridge Team Management and Marine Resource Management.
  • Familiarity with Marine Safety Management Systems.
  • Proficiency in risk control and dynamic risk assessment.
  • Experience in ship handling of coastal-size vessels ranging between 50-140m LOA.
  • Knowledge of the PMSC (Port Marine Safety Code).
  • Dedication to providing exceptional customer service.

Shipping movements adhere to tidal schedules, with Pilotage acts conducted two hours before or after High Water. Pilotage duties are brief yet technically demanding, ideal for individuals with a keen interest in ship handling. Each act typically spans approximately one hour.

For all inquiries and applications, please contact the Harbour Master:

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The Port of Workington seeks a Marine Pilot

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