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Your participation in our regular specialist maritime surveys is essential to our work giving voice to the needs and wishes of our seafaring community.

Statistics about the quantity, health and working conditions of seafarers are far and few between – often a reflection of 'sea-blindness'.

The surveys also inform our campaigns and Union policy, and contribute to our work with other industry bodies to ensure we are meeting members' needs.

Survey findings are reported to the Union's governing Council, or one of our national committees if appropriate. The findings are also shared with other members, the wider shipping industry, and relevant government bodies through publication in the Nautilus Telegraph or in separate reports.

In addition, we sometimes give members the opportunity to take part in maritime surveys run by external research bodies – particularly when those surveys are organised by Nautilus members.

To speak to Nautilus about collaborating on a survey, please contact the Communications department at

Latest surveys

LGBT+ survey

The Union is doing a survey for LGBT+ members to learn about their experiences in the maritime industry and find out whether Nautilus can do more to support them. It is hoped the responses will help to improve to the Union's response to LGBT+ issues as well as increase attendance in the Pride in Nautilus network.

Crew repatriaton survey

Nautilus is seeking input into its research on seafarers' experiences of crew change. As part of the Union's efforts to alleviate the global crew change crisis, Nautilus is working with the UK Government and UK Chamber of Shipping to develop solutions to assist seafarers who need repatriation.
  • please take this short Crew Change survey, so that we have up to date information on the numbers of seafarers that are affected and the ports which are most affected. 

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