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Maritime community events

13 September 2021 11:00 - 13:00

Join our Sea to City symposium

Venue: Register now for the symposium being held during London International Shipping Week

Register now for the Union's Sea to City symposium, which will take place on the first Monday of London International Shipping Week 2021.

The Sea to City project from Nautilus International and Maritime London is a networking and mentoring scheme aiming to encourage seafarers looking to move ashore to consider maritime services positions.

The maritime professional services sector has a constant requirement for seafaring skills in order to remain effective. However, many seafarers are unaware of the career choices that exist ashore and how to access them.

The Sea to City Networking Scheme event will provide a platform for maritime services professionals and seafarers to meet and discuss the opportunities that exist for former seafarers in maritime services and help those at sea to make links into the networks that will help them succeed.

Nautilus International and industry body Maritime London launched the Sea to City initiative to help seafarers who are considering moving ashore to realise the opportunities which exist in marine finance and law (known as 'City' jobs after the City of London financial and legal hub).

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