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Maritime community events

19 October 2020 19:30 - 20:30

Job advice CV writing webinar

Venue: Online free CV/Linked in webinar - a Nautilus Plus member deal

Register for the second of our free 2020 job advice CV/LinkedIn webinars will be held on Monday 19 October 2020 at 19.30 GMT.

How to get the interviews you deserve!

If you are looking for a new maritime role you'll need to check that your CV is up to the task and now's the time to get started as having a great CV is absolutely critical if you’re going to stand out from other seafaring candidates for your perfect post in this sector.

Join us for the second of the 2020 Nautilus Plus free job webinars on Monday 19 October 2020 at 19:30 BST.

Act on the advice you’ll get there, and you'll secure more interviews for the maritime roles you're seeking. The webinar will be delivered by our friends from the CV & Interview Advisors - and will include some special Nautilus Plus discounts on their services.

In this lively and interactive one hour session, you'll learn:

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