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Education and training

Fuel training for a Just Transition

25 April 2024

The days of highly-polluting heavy fuel oil and diesel are numbered, and several greener alternatives are now being developed. But how and where will seafarers learn to operate vessels powered by these new fuels? In this special report, we consider how to support an environmentally sustainable shipping industry in a way that is fair and inclusive for our members. We also investigate the current state of play on developing training standards and course provision

To kick off our multimedia investigation, Nautilus communications assistant Lucy Chapman interviews head of professional and technical David Appleton about the big issues around new fuels training. Watch and then scroll down to find out more in our in-depth features.

Our special report has five incisive features looking at different aspects of the topic of new fuels training:

What do we mean by new fuels?
Exploring the pros and cons of the main contenders to replace heavy fuel oil and diesel

What do we want from new fuels training?
How Nautilus is pressing for a fair deal for members' training as part of its Just Transition campaign

What are regulators doing about new fuels training?
Looking at the slow but steady progress on standard-setting at bodies like the International Maritime Organization

What is industry doing about new fuels training?
Discovering how employers, colleges and industry bodies are pushing ahead with course development rather than waiting for the regulators

What are Nautilus members experiencing on new fuels training?
Hearing from seafarers on the front line of the new fuels revolution


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