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Focus on Mariners' Park: award-winning development nears completion

10 April 2024

An award-winning project at Nautilus Mariners' Park in the north-west of England – a combined complex of additional seafarer retirement apartments and new head office – is on a solid trajectory towards being completed by August 2024.

This series of time-lapse images of the building work, below, shows progress on the construction being undertaken by the builders, John Turner Construction Group.

Groundwork on the combined multi-million pound investment scheme started on 17 July 2023. This stripped the site behind the current Nautilus House office – formerly the John Davies Infirmary – to make way for 27 apartments and the Union's head office. It will have views of the River Mersey in Wallasey, UK.

November 2023

The steel frame of the new building is nearly complete. Contractors in the safety basket of a cherry picker fit the steel bolts.


December 2023


A concrete pump is used to pump the concrete from ground level to the upper floors of the new building.


January 2024


A loading truck (green) can be seen transporting materials into the new building after a recent snowfall.


April 2024


Heading into spring 2024, a passing Stena Line ferry has a good view of the new development.



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Planning your nautical retirement?

To arrange a visit to Mariners' Park, talk about the retirement options, or register to have your name added to the accommodation list, email or call 0151 346 8840. There is more information at

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Living at the Park

What former Union members and other residents interviewed who have lived at the park long-term and more recently appreciate most about living at the Park:

  • 'similar life experiences with many other former mariners'
  • 'secure living accommodation'
  • 'peace of mind that all needs are met on one site'
  • 'staff always on hand, and support for a seamless move onto the park'
  • 'help with bills, benefits when required'
  • 'excellent reputation'
  • 'events and activities are always going on'

Image: An aerial view of Mariners' Park/ Brad Wakefield

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