Young Maritime Professionals Forum

01 October 11.00 - 13.00

Young Maritime Professionals Forum

Venue: Holiday Inn, Liverpool city centre

Join us at the next meeting of the Nautilus Young Maritime Professionals Forum on 1 October 2018, which is being held in conjunction with the UK Branch Conference in Liverpool. The meeting will take place at the Holiday Inn, Liverpool city centre, from 11.00hrs-13.00hrs.

The Young Maritime Professionals Forum provides guidance to Nautilus Council on the challenges facing young people in the shipping industry and on the issues that matter to them.

'A good platform for younger members to discuss our specific issues, and understand how Nautilus fits into the wider Union movement'  a Nautilus YMP Forum member's perspective.

In particular, the Nautilus Forum provides an opportunity for young members to engage in discussions on the specific challenges facing young workers in the maritime profession; on how to promote the maritime career to young people; to identify the organising needs of young members and to encourage their participation in the Union’s activities; and to provide guidance to the Council on these issues.

Open to all members under 35 (UK, NL, CH).

To attend the next meeting of the YMP Forum, email Danny McGowan at

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