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Pay and conditions
Nautilus International negotiates on your behalf with an increasing number of British, Dutch and other foreign flag employers on issues including pay, conditions, leave, hours and pensions. The Union also takes part in top-level international meetings on the pay and conditions of seafarers in the world fleets.

Legal services
With the maritime profession under increasing risk of criminalisation, Nautilus International provides specialist support, including a worldwide network of lawyers who can provide free and immediate advice to full members on employment-related matters. Members and their families also have access to free initial advice on non-employment issues.

Certificate protection
As a full member, you have free financial protection, worth up to £116,900, against loss of income if your certificate of competency is cancelled, suspended or downgraded following a formal inquiry. Full members are also entitled to representation during accident investigations or inquiries.

Nautilus International’s legal department recovers more than £1m every year in compensation for members who have suffered work-related illness or injuries.

Workplace support
Nautilus International officials provide expert advice on work-related problems such as contracts, redundancy, bullying or discrimination, non-payment of wages, and pensions.

Safety and welfare
Nautilus International plays a vital role in national and international discussions on such key issues as hours of work, crewing levels, shipboard conditions, vessel design, and technical and training standards. The Nautilus Welfare Funds charity operates a 15-acre welfare complex in Wallasey, England, which provides homes and care for retired seafarers, and administers welfare pensions and grants to seafarers in need.
Nautilus International has a major say in the running of the Merchant Navy Officers’ Pension Fund and the Pension Plan. It also launched The Maritime Stakeholder Plan to meet the needs of seafarers and others working in the shipping industry, at sea and ashore, who are unable to participate in the MNOPF or MNOPP.

Being a Nautilus International member costs less than buying a newspaper every day and gives you peace of mind at work, with access to an unrivalled range of services and support. It’s simple to save the cost of membership — by taking advantage of specially-negotiated rates on a variety of commercial services ranging from tax advice to credit cards, and household, motoring, travel and specialist insurance.

In touch
As a Nautilus International member, help is never far away — wherever you are. Officials regularly visit members onboard ships and further support and advice is available at regular ‘surgeries’ and college visits throughout the UK and The Netherlands.

Your union, your voice
Nautilus International is the voice of more than 23,000 maritime professionals working in all sectors of the shipping industry, at sea and ashore. As the largest and most influential international Union representing maritime professionals, we campaign intensely to promote your views.
Nautilus International is a dynamic and democratic union, offering members many opportunities to be fully involved and have your say in our work — both at local, national and international level.

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